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a HOT experience in FALL... British Columbia, Canada off-grid life

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British Columbia, Canada has some of the best off-grid wilderness experiences in the world! Come explore Nuk Tessli's off-grid wilderness retreat for some of the best hiking in the Chilcotin. Backcountry hiking is what the true British Columbia, Canada experience is all about! If you are looking for somewhere to travel in Canada, this is a great option.

BOOK A TRIP TO NUK TESSLI: https://www.nuktessli.com/


*ALSO WATCH: https://youtu.be/lKxJrzfSZpQ

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Robyn Kimberly is a cinematographer and social media influencer. Robyn specializes in making powerful, social-first video + photo content. Focused on outdoor adventure, Robyn’s visual storytelling brings her to remote places around the world. Originally from Vancouver, Canada, Robyn has traveled to over 21 countries and has fallen in love with capturing her travels on film. To stay up to date with Robyn Kimberly’s travel videos, make sure you are subscribed with the notification bell turned on!

#OffGridLife #CanadianTravel #BritishColumbia

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