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Custom Garage a Part of the Poolscape

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Patrick McGreevy bought a house and land in Brock, Texas, knowing they would need more garage space. With their college-age daughter commuting from home, they needed garage space for her car. This left no room for the zero turn mower and a workshop for Patrick.

Patrick turned to Ulrich Garages for a new detached garage. Since the garage would be part of the backyard poolscape, Patrick wanted it to match his house and look like it was part of the original build.

For Patrick, working with the design team at Ulrich Garages was a very smooth process. To the 20x30 One-story Garage, he added some extra windows and a porch to face the pool and take advantage of the view of the lake and hills behind their house. The two-car garage door in front accommodates his truck, while the single garage door in back provides access for lawn equipment.

Brian Seaman, the Ulrich construction supervisor, made sure the building site stayed neat, and kept the project and crew on schedule. Patrick was pleased with how well Brian communicated about each upcoming stage as the garage was built.

Patrick's neighbors have commented about how well the new Ulrich garage matches the house. Ulrich matched the roof pitch and the shingles of the McGreevys' house, adding matching stone and painted brick accents to the garage.

Now the McGreevys have the space they need. Patrick has his workshop, and their brand-new garage truly looks like an extension of their home.

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