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Finnish Sauna Build Part 4: Making The Door & Testing!


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After weeks of hard work, the end is near, and im determined to have a sauna and relax. I build the door, and end up chopping wood in the dark for the first burn!
The next video in this series will be doing the siding and finishing the project.
Click the timestamps to skip ahead to other chapters below)

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## https://cutt.ly/etr9hIx ##

0:00 Intro
0:00:45 Making the frame
0:03:50 Marking the window
0:04:03 Sheeting the door
0:06:14 Adding hinges
0:08:46 oops Forgot a piece (Door Frame)
0:10:00 Its Getting dark
0:10:50 Chopping Wood
0:11:34 Lets look inside
0:12:12 Tryin' the teepee
0:13:08 Tryin the log cabin
0:13:30 the First Fire

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