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Gas Monkey Garage 73 chevy step van + Car show and some burnout action!

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Semicasualshow - https://www.instagram.com/semicasualshow/

We take a hellcat and the GMG step van to a car show! If you have ever wanted to get a closer look at the Gas Monkey Garage built 1973 step van this is the video to watch. We also have some fun with a 500hp ls Swapped Nissan 240 and check out some cool rides at the local cars and coffee event. 

Want to see the GMG Semi build we did a few years ago? LINK Below

SEMI Casual is a channel created by Tommy Fitzgerald and Brian Bourke to give people a little entertainment and a kinda behind the scenes look in to the Custom Big Rigs we are building for the dealerships “Fitzgerald Peterbilt”.  We love big trucks and pretty much anything automotive related so you will find the occasional car or racing shenanigans here too! 
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Our other YouTube channel “Fitzgerald USA” 

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Tommy: @tafitz10
Brian: @brianbourke10

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