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HABU \ Pickup Camper Build Pt.3 Paintjob + Interior (Felt)


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Here is part 3 of my camper build. For me the most important step because that is what made the camper water resistant! Thanks to TOPLAC for sending me some Raptor Coating, which for me is the most amazing material! Easy appliable and fast drying!! The guys from Adventure Truck sent me some felt for the inside. Also a great quality material and extremely easy to work with!!
Enough said, have fun and get inspired!

Raptor Coating (TOPLAC): https://www.toplac.de/shop/lackierbedarf/raptor-schutzlack/
Adventure Truck: https://adventure-truck.de/

HABU's Tip Cup: https://www.paypal.me/hassanabuizmero

Thank you!! And don't forget to: #thumbupordown #Subscribe & #Share

Disclaimer: This is NOT a instructional "step-by-step" "how to" video! It is just an inspiration for you, and also an advertising for my person and skills... Hassan Abu-Izmero(HABU)

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