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Hustle Castle Runes Explained - This is what you need to know about the new runes!


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Welcome to this Hustle castle Runes explained, this will contain tips and everything you need or would want to know about the new event so stay tuned and see what you think. This is the third time runes have been introduced into this game and adding 3 new ones.

This is the Hustle Castle new update you've probably been seeing and might not be sure whether you should be spending your money on this event and I'll try and help make your choice.

This is my Facebook Page for anyone who would like to know in advance of my upcoming videos!
Facebook -https://tinyurl.com/Slayer9009YT-Facebook

Hustle Castle Dungeon Guide:

For anyone watching this video in the future, this is a Hustle Castle event 2020 in September which is the Gamer Hustle Update containing the runes people have been waiting for. It has some really good items which I'll be showing you in this guide video.

My Hustle Castle tips and tricks video is here, everyone will learn something!

Make sure you smash that like button if you've enjoyed the video or learned something new at least :)

Hustle Castle is constantly changing so to keep up with the latest and greatest then make sure you're subscribed for anything new they release I will make a video on to help you guys out as much as possible to be the best you can on there for arenas. gem bays and even dungeons.

This is your Hustle castle New Event Gamer Hustle Guide 2020, I hope you have enjoyed and have a great day!

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