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HUUM sauna stoves & WiFi controllers are now available in the USA


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Every day, at least one American sauna enthusiast emails us at Estonian Saunas asking when HUUM sauna stoves will be delivered to the US. That day is today.

The first HUUM stoves and controllers designed specifically for the US have now been built and set sail from Europe this morning. This includes the new WiFi-connected controllers that enable you to control your sauna on your smart device from literally anywhere- like while out exercising or commuting home so the sauna is the perfect temperature when you walk in the door.

And we've partnered with a wonderful Minnesota-based sauna builder Cedar & Stone Nordic Sauna to deliver them to saunas across America. These guys are really passionate about helping more Americans enjoy authentic sauna experiences and have a great track record for both delivering high quality saunas and hosting community sauna events. Our joint investment in distributing HUUM sauna stoves across the US is the next step in this sauna revolution, helping more people build their own saunas with leading stove design and technology.

We're just putting the finishing touches to our US online store, but you can already enter your email at CedarandStoneSauna.com/HUUM to be notified when you can place your order.

And we're so excited to introduce American sauna enthusiasts to HUUM that we're putting the first HUUM stove to arrive into a mobile sauna that will be going on tour across America. More details later this year.

PS. Sorry that my pronunciation of 'sauna' is all over the place. We usually use the common English pronunciation, but will now start using the original Finnish pronunciation in English, which is more common in Minnesota and the Great Lakes region of America. Some habits are hard to break though!

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