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One-week construction time-lapse with closeups: Week 30 of the Ⓢ-series


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Week 30 in the ongoing Ⓢ series, which follows the construction of a new 13-story senior living building in San Francisco. This is a #construction #timelapse with various closeups and "sub-time-lapses" at various speeds, condensing the week of August 24 - 29, 2020, into about 48 minutes.

This week is a mixture of things we've seen before as well as new things. Occasional corny jokes that I couldn't resist putting in, sorry.

One of the new activities is grinding the ceilings flat where there won't be any drop ceiling. Another is a surprising amount of gravel being delivered, which is used as filler for built-up slabs on the ground floor. (Sometimes styrofoam is used for that but gravel is actually cheaper when weight doesn't matter.) We'll be seeing even more gravel in future episodes. Probably the most interesting new thing is a spider (crane), which will be used to install curtain wall, starting in the next episode. We don't see any of that actual curtain wall until next week, but this week we see them preparing for it.

The site continues to be impacted by poor air quality due to smoke from the California wildfires of 2020. The severity depends upon wind direction, which can change from hour to hour. There are actually two good days on Wednesday and Thursday when the ocean air wins out and drives the smoke away to the east, but it is short-lived as the smoke returns on Friday.

00:00 - Mon (stairs, measuring, forms, concrete)
10:32 - Tue (spider arrival, bad air, remove shoring)
17:39 - Wed (welding, grinding, mini-column)
25:56 - Thu (layout, welding, grinding ceiling)
35:08 - Fri (gravel, spider, prep for curtain wall)
44:06 - Sat (tower crane activities)
46:51 - Closing and previews

Music licensed from Audio Network. In chronological order:

When The Axe Comes Down 2 — Bob Bradley, Matt Sanchez, Matt Parker (2294/44)
Catch A Ride 3 — Jake Field, Duncan Thompson (3060/94)
We're In Free Fall 2 — Andy Powell, Linda Roan, Jamie Elder (2834/48)

Imported Air — Terry Devine-King, Alicia Anderson, Nikolaj Bjerre, Ben Blakeman (1426/7)
Whenever We Ride 2 — William Davies, Dag Torgersbraten (3415/20)

Sail On Through 2 — Miriam Speyer, Lincoln Grounds, Thomm Jutz (3101/43)
Catch Me Now 2 — Julian Emery, Jodi Marr, Molly Bowers, Adam Noble (2956/19)

Wandering — Igor Dvorkin, Duncan Pittock (1143/4)
Full Course Meal 2 — William Davies, Tajh Abdulsamad, Lee Francis (3415/45)

Its Not That I Don't Need You 2 — Nick Kingswell (3393/28)
Witching Hour 2 — Jake Field, Randall Breneman (2190/7)
I Wanna Love You 2 — Matt Goodman (3384/39)

It's All For You 2 — Barrie Gledden, Kes Loy, Richard Kimmings (2899/17)

Closing and previews:
Crack On — Chris Fairbrass, Richard Fairbrass, Neil Sidwell (2686/8)

As usual, you're always welcome to listen to your own playlist instead if you prefer (there's no dialog in the video).

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