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Patrizia Pilotti :career as a ,,Casting-Director",friendship with Monica Bellucci, modeling now


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Hi guys, my name is Yulia Velikanova. Welcome!

I am so happy to have opportunity to interview one of the most important person in all fashion world - casting director Patrizia Pilotti.

00:52 - Fashion brands , she works with
03:27 - Her story with Monica Bellucci
04:30 - Difference between modeling now and 35 years ago
05:20 - Her opinion about modelling now
08:20 - Influence social media for fashion
09:05 - Qualities in models she admire
11:05 - Story of becoming a casting director
13:20 - The most exciting thing in job as a ,,casting-director"
15:16 - Disagreements with designers? Is it happened?
16:52 - Super Model nowadays. Is it possible?
18:55 - East model have less chances in modeling now or not?
20:31 - If not a casting director, then who?
22:51-25:30 - Advices to models

Thanks for watching this video!
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Big thanks to https://www.instagram.com/azaitceva/ for russians subtitles!

More videos to come !!!!!

Yours Yulia V.

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