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Pit Digging a cellar hole in NH colonial metal detecting Reale !

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Pit digging Gurus garden for relics & artifacts from the 1700s & 1800s.
This time around we go to the Gurus house with the Colorado crew to dig a pit around the cellar hole that is buried in the front yard. We did this last year and had great results.
We spent several hours shoveling down 18 inches or so in what would have been the front of the old colonial home and had great results. Several old button, dinnerware and tons of shards and shirds were dug up. The big unreal find was Nate " Beardo " was swinging his Garrett ATGOLD metal detector out on the lawn and dug up a coin. Not just any coin but a 1781 1/2 Reale . OMG! Spanish silver dug up in the Guru's front yard. It was amazing and we could not believe it because we have all metal detected her yard in the past.
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Filmed with Canon EOS 80d Camera video footage
Pit Digging a cellar hole in NH colonial metal detecting Reale

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